Amazon Alexa Skill technical requirements

Information required for Amazon Alexa Skills.

  • Skill Title – This is the title of the App, as it appears on the App stores (max 50 characters).
  • Invocation Name – The name used to command Alexa to start your stream, typically your radio station name.
  • App description (short) – A brief description for your app, this appears on the App stores (max 80 characters).
  • Keywords – A list of keywords to identify your app in user searches.
  • Contact email address – Your contact email address. Note that this may be visible in the Skill stores. If you do not wish to display a public email address, use ours (

Note that the information above cannot be changed once submitted (in the control panel) without incurring a charge to re-publish the Skill. Please ensure it is correct at the time of submitting it. the invocation name CANNOT be changed once submitted.

Images required for Alexa Skills.

We require two logos from you, we will derive all the other logos required from these two. Please ensure they are of the highest quality to avoid the Amazon Skill store rejecting the Skill.

  • First logo must be 512×512 pixels in size (square) and PNG format. This image will be the Skill icon and also appear on the Skill Stores.
  • Second logo must be 1200×800 pixels (wxh) and PNG format. This will be the present in the Skill stores and some Alexa Devices.

Additional information required

  • Live stream information – Up to two streams (main and backup) streams can be supplied.

Please note that that customers should ensure that their streaming server should be able to cope with the potential demand. Amazon may remove your Skill if your streaming server is not available for long periods.