Mobile Phone Apps – Terms and Conditions for Standard mobile apps


Thank you for your interest in our standard Mobile Phone Apps (iOS, Android and Amazon), please take a moment to read through the following to understand the terms of service.

  • There will be no setup charge for design, development, publishing (except re-publishing) or hosting costs. All of these costs are included in the currently displayed monthly charges for the ‘Webradio Player Mobile Phone Apps - Standard’ service.
  • Audio streams (up to 6), stream titles, email addresses (for notifications), Google Admob details (for in-app adverts) and affiliate details may be updated at any time via our control panel.
  • Direct links to each App (Android and iOS) will be provided to the customer once the Apps are live in the relevant stores and these may be used to promote the App installs.
  • Apps will be provided as per the demo Apps located here (Android), here (iOS) and here (Amazon). Custom design work (other than logos) is not currently supported. Logos will be supplied by the customer as part of the setup process.
  • The customer will provide the necessary information requested in a timely manner, information includes mandatory images and information to be submitted to the iOS, Android and Amazon stores. Failure to supply this information in a timely manner will lead to delays in publishing the Apps to the relevant stores.
  • Your radio stations stream must be online during testing and app review. If your streaming server experiences downtime during this time (from information submission through to app review by the relevant stores), this will delay the build, test and review process.
  • iOS, Android and Amazon App stores are likely to take up to 3 working days to publish apps, Location Webradio Streaming cannot influence the time it takes for Apps to be approved by the relevant stores.
  • The iOS, Android and Amazon apps will be published under the developer licenses. Source code or app builds will not be released at any stage.
  • Apps are published, hosted and maintained by Location Webradio Streaming while the monthly subscription is active. If a monthly subscription is cancelled, the Apps may be unpublished at any time at the end of the billing period.
  • We can rebuild the apps for change but please take into consideration that any change that requires the apps to be rebuilt (change of name, logos, webiste URL, Twitter URL, Facebook URL) would be chargeable for 35.00€ net by rebuild.
  • The Apps are compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon mobile phone devices, other devices are not currently supported.
  • Each customer is responsible for the content of their Push Notifications and must only use this messaging feature to send relevant messages to users. Abuse of the messaging feature will lead to this feature being deactivated. If complaints are received by users due to abuse of the Push Notification feature, it will be deactivated to protect other users of the platform.
  • Location Webradio Streaming will ensure that sufficient precautions are taken to ensure platform availability to support the App usage for its customers and will provide service credits for any downtime of its own platform (this does not include third party outages). Credits will never exceed the monthly equivalent of the service paid.
  • Location Webradio Streaming will publish both Apps to the relevant stores within 48 hours (2 working days) of receiving the order.
  • Location Webradio Streaming will provide a refund if the Apps are not successfully published to the App Stores ONLY if it is due to an issue with the functionality of the Apps themselves. This does NOT include issues with customers websites, content, missing or incomplete information submitted which could lead to the Apps being rejected. Location Webradio Streaming will not publish Apps until all information and details requested here are submitted in their entirety.
  • Service provided by Location Webradio Streaming as reseller.