Twitter Auto Post publish your songs or videos titles/artists on your Twitter feed

Twitter Auto Post is our service that allows you to post your Radio and TV stations ‘Now Playing’ songs or videos to your Twitter feed.

Post songs to your Twitter account


We offer a hosted service that can grab your ‘Now Playing’ song or video from any compatible streaming server (we support Location Webradio StreamingShoutcast v1Shoutcast v2IcecastRadionomyRadioJar
SAM CloudTikilive,, CAST, Live 365, Centova Cast, Airtime Pro and many more) and then add an image*, tag the artist* and then send it over to your Twitter feed.


Simple as that!


You can customise the message with each post, set the frequency of each post, add hashtags, emoticons, turn features on and off, all from our custom built control panel (see screenshots below).

Don’t just post the names of the songs to your Twitter account for your followers to see, give them something extra… Give them a photo of the artist or cover art (selectable via the control panel*), tag the Post your radio stations songs to twitterartist* with each song and even monetize your Twitter feed by adding ‘Buy this song’ links to each tweet which can link to your Apple iTunes or Amazon affiliate accounts.



Make money from your Twitter feed!

There are loads of additional features such as the ability to filter out Jingles, promos and adverts and even adding custom images for artists and creating entries for artists not in our database. All configurable via the control panel.

Each Twitter Auto Post account comes with our ‘Static’ and ‘RSS’ posting features. With ‘Static’ posting, you can schedule up to 20 independent messages (with images) to post to your Twitter feed at regular intervals or specific times of the day. Ideal for posting show info!

The ‘RSS’ posting allows you to schedule up to 5 independent RSS feeds to post to your Twitter feed at regular intervals or specific times of the day. Ideal for posting blog or website updates, news or weather updates, etc… All this for free with each account!


Other features of this service include:

  • User Control Panel to configure the service (see screenshots below).

  • Compatible with most streaming servers.

  • Customised up to 3 different messages.

  • Customised posting frequency (by time slots and days of week).

  • Add artist image or cover art with each post.

  • Add Emoji’s to each post.

  • Add #Hastags to each post.

  • Tag the artist playing in each post.

  • Add ‘Buy this song’ links (Compatible with Amazon and Apple iTunes).

  • Flood protection (avoid posting same song twice).

  • Filter out adverts/jingles.

  • 20 scheduled posts with images.

  • 5 scheduled RSS feed posts.

  • Excellent customer support.


Want to see what it will look like? Click here or see it in action LIVE right now below…

* Please note : We use a third party database for image and Twitter account matching. Please be aware that not every artist is in this database and that due to the vast number of artists and bands, omissions and errors may occur.



Menu panneau d’administration widgets Configuration de la programmation des auto post Twitter Configuration des fonctionnalités des posts auto tweet Twitter auto post menu



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