Stream Failover Fixed radio streaming address or backup stream

adresse de streaming radio fixe et flux de secoursEver had a problem with your streaming provider?


Worried that your stream may go offline and leave your listeners with silence?


We hear you! Introducing our Stream Failover service…


With our Stream Failover service, we’ll provide you with a new audio stream URL which never changes (already a great service as it will stop you having to update all the radio directories each time your stream URL changes!). You then enter a primary and backup stream via our control panel and then we’ll monitor your primary stream 24/7 and if it goes offline, we’ll automatically switch over to your backup stream and let you know there’s a problem and then, when your primary stream comes back online, we’ll switch back again.

This way, if your streaming provider has a problem, you don’t need to worry about scrambling round changes audio streams everywhere and your listeners will always be able to reach an audio stream.

Want to use the service but don’t have a backup stream? We can provide you with a backup server (Shoutcast or Icecast) and you can either broadcast live to it or just have AutoDJ running on it.

How does it work?

When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a new static audio stream URL over HTTPS (**), this will become your new audio stream which you will use everywhere. Then, enter your primary audio stream (your current audio stream) and a backup audio stream (which we’ll switch to if you main stream goes down) and some alert notification details (we’ll alert you via email, SMS and voicecall) so you know if your primary stream goes down. We’ll then switch your audio stream over to your backup stream and continue to monitor your primary stream until it comes back up, then switch back automatically.

Make sure your listeners can always reach you!

Benefits of using this service:

  • Static, never changing audio stream over HTTPS (**) which you can update in near realtime (*) via our control panel.

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting for your primary stream and get notified via email, SMS and voice call if it goes down.

  • Automatic switchover to a backup stream if your primary stream goes down.

  • Automatic switchover back to your primary stream when it becomes available.


order Stream FailoverOrder from 8.50€/month

order accessible to customers Location Webradio Streaming and external to our services

(*) Checks are performed every 60 seconds and check for the server being available, it does not check for audio silences.
(**) Our Stream Failover is over HTTPS, but does not convert your existing streams to HTTPS, so your existing primary streams should also be over HTTPS or you may get warnings. We also provide a HTTP to HTTPS service, see our Secure Streams service here.