You are a customer of our services and you want to save money on your bills to renew your subscriptions.
Want to enjoy our products to earn discounts, or even better, a returned payment affiliations.

How does it work?

Once registered on our website and after the application for registration to the affiliate service to our commercial support.
Through an affiliate link will be provided, put this link on your web pages, social networks, emails, highlight the link by carrying advertising on our services.
The goal is that if a customer comes to our site who clicked on your affiliate link and order one of our products, a percentage of the amount of the order is yours.

Percentage of earnings for affiliates: 30% (percentage paid to affiliates for each payment received from a command)
Minimum payment amount of 10 € (minimum amount that must be reached affiliates to get paid)
Time commissions for affiliates: 30 days (number of days of delay of payments of commissions - Payroll is performed only if the account is still active)

These settings can be customized to the affiliate and performance.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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