Website Down Detection Service stay alerted when your website is no longer online

detection de site internet en panne ou hors-ligneCan you afford for your website to be offline?

Your website is your public shop front and needs to be online all the time, if there is a problem with your site, you need to know about it straight away.

“Website Down” is our service that allows you to monitor the health of your website and get alerted if it goes offline or suffers other loading problems.


With our service, you can select two types of monitoring and be alerted via email and/OR SMS message if it goes offline and again when it comes back online.

You can monitor whether or not your website server responds (is the site up, is the server responding?) OR you can request that our service checks your website for a particular word to ensure that not only the site is up and responding, but also it is displaying the content you are expecting.



Website Down Detection

Online / Offline status

Content Match confirmation

SMS & Email notification

1 minute intervals

5 Email recipients

Ticket Support


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