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Silence Detector Shoutcast and Icecast

If you own a radio station then the chances are that at some stage you’ll have had that dreaded call to tell you that your station is off the air

If you realise yourself it’s not too bad, if a colleague or fellow presenter lets you know it’s kind of OK, but if it’s a listener that tells you? Or even worse, an advertiser?? Not good!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way for you to find out immediately if your station went off the air? We’ve all had those playout or AutoDJ issues where something either crashes or stops playing, or a presenter has forgotten to do something and your station falls silent…

Well, we’ve had those problems too! And now we have the solution for you!

If you radio station stream falls silent at any time, day or night, we’ll let you know before anyone else, we’ll send you an email or an SMS* and we’ll let you know as soon as a silence is detected on your stream, and then, if and when it comes back up, we’ll let you know too. No more worrying about the status of your radio stations stream, we’ll take care of it for you.

We offer a remote, cloud based, hosted service that monitors your radio stations Internet stream permanently and as soon as a silence is detected (over a preset length of time in seconds or minutes) we’ll send you an email and a text message via SMS*. Then, once the audio is restored on your stream, we’ll let you know again.

How does it work?

Via one of our stream monitoring servers, we’ll add your streaming server details and set up a permanent stream from your server for our system to monitor, this is a permanent 24/7 monitoring service, so it is permanently connected to your server. Your stream is analysed for silences in real-time and as soon as our software detects a silence it starts counting in seconds, as soon as the threshold has been reached (you can set this threshold) it will trigger an alarm and send you a notification by email (you can set up to 5 emails to be alerted). You can also choose to be notified via SMS*. The system will now be in an ‘alarmed’ status and will continue to monitor for the audio returning. When audio does return, the system will continue to monitor for a pre-determined period (you can set this threshold) and once the stream is reliable and contains audio, a further email will be generated to inform you that audio has returned to your feed. The ‘audio restored’ email will be sent to the same email and SMS* recipients as the ‘audio failure’ notification.

What do I have to do to get this working?

Nothing! Just give us your stream details, your email address and let us know after how many seconds you want alerting… That’s it! This is a completely hosted service so all the technology runs on our server, you don’t have to do anything or need any special equipment. Our system is compatible most audio streams in MP3 and AAC+ format.


Get it for your station now!

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* Fair usage policy applies regarding SMS text messages. You may purchase additional SMS credits at any time. SMS delivery restrictions may apply to some countries.