Stream Forwarding Redirection of streaming to always keep the same address

Redirection of streaming to always keep the same addressAre you a Radio Station tired of having to update your audio stream?

Update your audio stream in tons of different places (radio directories, web pages, etc…) each time you change provider or your audio stream changes it's really annoying !


We hear you!

We now have a solution for you… Introducing “Stream Forwarding

With our Stream Forwarding service you’ll never need to worry about changing providers and having to update your audio stream in loads of different places, just use our Stream Forwarding service and use our fixed, never-changing address and give all the stream directories (and anywhere you audio stream appears) and if you need to change it, just update it in our control panel and it will automatically update everywhere immediately! Never have to worry about it again!

Need to quickly change your audio stream? No problem, our system updates in (near) real time, switch to a backup audio stream and then back again in no time. You can update your destination server at any time via our control panel.

For less than a cup of coffee a month, take the hassle out of your audio streams and use our Stream Forwarding service and let us manage your audio stream forwarding service.

All streams are served over HTTPS (SSL enabled) so you will not have any issues with browser or device compatibility regarding security warnings (only if your existing stream is over HTTPS).


order Stream ForwardingOrder from 5.00€/month

order accessible to customers Location Webradio Streaming and external to our services