5. Configuration edcast standalone pour live Shoutcast et Icecast

Edcast Standalone How-to Tutorial - Icecast or Shoutcast

Step 1 - Install Edcast Standalone

Download Edcast Standalone software and install it.  This is a free application that can broadcast live audio to Icecast or Shoutcast servers.  Edcast doesn’t require any other software to operate (hence the name ‘Standalone’), and is ideal for 24/7 live streaming environments such as streaming an AM/FM station over the internet.

Link - Click Here to Download Edcast Standalone

Step 2 - Install the LAME MP3 Encoder

  • (1, 2) Right click the link below and choose “Save As…”

Link - Lame Encoding DLL


  • Navigate to ‘C:\ Program Files \ edcast’ and click ‘Save’.  It is VERY important that you save this file inside the actual Edcast program folder.


Step 3 - Start Edcast Standalone and configure the encoder

  • (3) Click the ‘Add Encoder’ button
  • (4) Right-click the new encoder that appears below it
  • (5) Choose ‘Configure’ from the menu that appears


In the ‘Basic Settings’ section, set up the encoder.

  • (6) Enter your chosen bitrate - this must be equal or lower than the rate you purchased.
  • (7) Enter your samplerate - Enter 44100 for bitrates above 96, or 22050 for streams below 96.
  • (8) Number of channels - Enter 2 for bitrates above 48, choose 1 for bitrates below 48.
  • (9) Select the ‘MP3 Lame’ encoder
  • (10) Select ‘Icecast2’ for Icecast server, or ‘Shoutcast’ for Shoutcast server.
  • (11) Enter the host name of your server.
  • (12) Enter the port number of your server.
  • (13) Enter the DJ or Admin password of your server.
  • (14) (Icecast2 only) Enter the mount point - this will usually be /stream by default for Fast Serv Icecast2 servers.


  • In the ‘YP Settings’ section, enter your station details.
  • Click ‘OK’


Step 5 - Start encoding

  • (15) Tick the ‘AutoReconnect’ box
  • (16) Hilite the new encoder, then click the ‘Connect’ button
  • You should see information about the encoder status in the ‘Transfer Rate’ column.  If it’s working properly, a numeric value will appear indicating the transmission speed.



  • If you are unable to connect, go back to step 4 and double check every server setting.  You must also make sure there is music playing in Winamp.
  • You can then select the audio device you wish to capture audio from - select it under ‘Live Recording’.

You’re now streaming live on the Internet!

Source : https:// www.fastserv.com/kb/article/edcast_standalone_-_stream_live_audio_to_icecast_or_shoutcast

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